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DMX Pro transmitter

WiDMXbyPhone2 é il nuovo prodotto che permette di collegare dispositivi mobili tramite WiFi direttamente con fixture DMX dotate di ricevitore WiDPen Pro. Funziona con tutte le applicazioni in standard ArtNET per iPhone / iPad / Android / Windows e Mac OS, fornendo un controllo in totale mobilitá. Applicazione dedicata che permette di creare fino a 30 scene. Funzione Stand-Alone, playback tramite pulsante. Ingresso DMX 512
WiDMXbyPhone2 is the first commercial WiFi ArtNET Node that integrate a wireless DMX transmitter. The combination of the two technologies in one single product opens the door to truly no-wires lighting systems. All is needed is a portable unit capable of ArtNET over wifi as the controller and the xlrsized WiDPen Pro receiver (or the even smaller OEM module) on the fixture. Dedicated application that allows to create up to 30 scenes. Stand-Alone function, playback by button. DMX 512 input. No more wires!

DMX Controller


manuale d'uso/user's manual

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