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What is the maximum distance between transmitter and receiver?

1000 metres / 3280 feet in open air

For Wi DPc only: 500 metres / 1640 feet in open air
How many Wi D Pen receivers can work with 1 Wi DMX transmitter?

No limit.

You can use as many Wi D Pen receivers as you need.
What is the radio frequency band?

2.400 – 2.483 GHz (ISM)
Is there any interferences with other wireless equipment?


If you ever find problems, you have 10 channels to choose from.
Is the system based on Wi-Fi?


It’s based on a proprietary protocol.
How can I increase performances of my Wi DMX system?

Please always follow these general rules:

-Set Tx channels for the used range only.
-When possible, split the range equally between Tx1 and Tx2
and use at least 2 Wi D Pen receivers (one “red” and one “green”).
For example, if your system is composed of 16 moving-heads
with 20 channels each, you should set ranges as follows:
Tx1: 1- 160 0R
Tx2: 161-320 0G
Why doesn’t my Wi DMX reach 1000 metres?

To set Wi DMX to the maximum power do as follows:

1. Remove power supply from Wi DMX;
2. Press both "SET" and "^" (arrow up);
3. While keeping the buttons, power up Wi DMX;
4. You should see "TXPA: LONG RANGE" for a few seconds on the display.
Pairing failed: why?

-Did you insert Wi D Pen to Wi DMX signal IN connector?
-Remove ac-adapter plug from Wi D Pen when pairing.
-Do WiDMX transmitter and Wi D Pen receivers have the same XLR connections (all 3-pole or all 5-pole)?
Note that a 3-to-5 adapter does not work for pairing.
If this is your case, you need to buil a special adapter.
Also, do not use a cable to connect WiDMX and WiDPen for pairing:
insert Wi D Pen directly to Wi DMX signal IN connector .
-Does Wi D Pen led lite up during pairing?
If not, there may be some problem in your Wi DMX unit:
if you have a 5-pole Wi DMX, please check with a multimeter if there are 5 Volts between pin 1 and pin 4 on the male XLR.
Which transmitter is the best for me?

Wi DMX is the best for performances and flexibility, but for simple applications

Wi DMX easy works well too, see table for differences
Does Wi D Pen work with battery?

No. To supply Wi D Pen you need the included ac-adapter.
If you want to supply Wi D Pen from the fixture,
you can bring an electrical wire from the +5V
of the electronic’s fixture pcb to the pin 4 of the 5 poles connector
(this is not possible for 3 pole connector).

If the fixture has the logo
connect Wi D Pen directly to the fixture without ac-adapter.
Can I use Wi DMX easy as extender?

Yes. Please click on this file